Wichtel-Traumjob als Spanish Educator

Luis Delgado Rodriguez im Interview

¡Hola! Unser Spanish Educator Luis aus dem Kita-Standort Fürstenried kann mit seiner positive Einstellung und seinem südländischen Temperament die Kinder jeden Tag begeistern. Was macht für ihn aber den Job bei der Wichtel Akademie zu seinem Traumjob? Das verrät er im Interview.

Why is your job at the Wichtel Akademie your dream job?

Luis: „Working for the Wichtel Akademie gave me the opportunity to experience the bilingual concept in a classroom. As Spanish educator I feel so lucky to teach kids from around the world my mother language. Besides that I am lucky to learn something new from them as well every day.“

What motivates you to go to work in a good mood every day?

Luis: „Above all, the joy and energy of the children is a great reason to be motivated, as well as my strong and positive team.“

Do you have a motto / quote / song that describes your work attitude?

Luis: „I think “Carpe diem” describe me well in the sense of having a positive mentality and to be able to give the best of myself at every moment of the day.“

How often do you laugh every day?

Luis: „I don’t know, because if I would start counting I would not have time anymore to laugh.“

Do you remember a funny/interesting situation at work at Wichtel Akademie with the kids or your colleagues? If yes, please tell us.

Luis: „Every day we have funny moments with the kids and colleagues, but especially when we celebrate our parties (Carnival, Halloween). However one moment especially sticks in my mind – a very funny and happy moment when we and all the kids were celebrating the Oktoberfest and the kids ask me if they are also allowed to dance on the table.“ P.s.: yes – we did but only to take a picture 😉