Become a cooperation partner of the Wichtel Academy

There is a large gap between the supply of and demand for day-care places in Germany. As a result, we are looking for various cooperation partners to help us create additional childcare places.

For companies

Setting up a day-care centre within a company generally involves a great deal of work. However, a company day-care centre offers many advantages when it comes to the ability to balance family life and work – both for employees and for employers. The Wichtel Academy offers business customers various models and is the ideal partner for company childcare.

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For day-care providers

The day-care market in Germany presents many challenges. Through professionalism, the growing demand for quality and the competition for qualified employees, it is becoming more and more difficult for day-care providers to assert their position on the market in the long term. As the leading private provider of crèches and kindergartens in Munich, we offer a wide range of cooperation opportunities.

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For real estate owners, estate agents and landlords

We are looking for suitable premises for day-care centre locations and are interested in long-term collaborations with real estate owners, estate agents and landlords.

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For municipalities

Let’s help increase the day-care places in Germany together. As part of our growth, we are also offering various cooperation opportunities to municipalities.

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What distinguishes the Wichtel Academy?

  • We focus on the quality of the education.
  • We see ourselves as partners to parents in early-childhood education.
  • With our contemporary services such as bilingual education, an innovative nutritional concept, sport and play, long opening hours, no closing times, and a good childcare ratio, we create the perfect framework for combining work and family life.
  • We offer an ideal infrastructure – comprehensively across the whole of Munich.
  • Flexible adaptation to the individual requirements of the business customers or municipalities upon consultation
About us

The Wichtel Academy principle

Through trusting relationships, we create space for every child’s individual development. We enter into a strong educational partnership with parents.


Education for a happy childhood

For us, your child’s well-being is always of paramount importance. Find out more about the guiding ideas that shape how we work with the children every day.


Crèches & kindergartens in Munich

Parents from Munich have the choice: the privately operated Wichtel Academy offers day-care centres in 22 locations in many districts across the whole metropolitan area.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about collaborations with the Wichtel Academy

When considering establishing a company day-care centre, other topics need to be taken into account alongside the benefits for your company. Do you already have a property or a premises in mind in which you could provide day care? What scope of childcare should the company day-care centre offer? Later on, as a potential operator, we take care of the comprehensive planning process including coordination with the authorities and obtain appropriate approvals for the operation of the day-care centre in your company. The Wichtel Academy Munich proves you with expert advice and support relating to a company day-care centre. We look forward to hearing from you!

You are welcome to make the most of the opportunity for your company. Do you already have a Wichtel Academy day-care centre near you? Then let’s take a look together at whether we can earmark a certain number of childcare places for your company. This option is particularly suitable for companies who are unable to operate their own company day-care centre due to the size of the company.

If you want to rent your property out to a day-care centre, you can rest assured that you will find a tenant in us who appreciates your property. Most day-care centres are looking for a reliable and long-term partnership in which they can establish and operate their business. By renting your property out to a day-care centre, you can help ensure that children are looked after. We work with you to develop the best possible synergies to implement a day-care centre within your property. The Wichtel Academy is a reliable partner here with extensive experience in this field. Feel free to contact us!

The Wichtel Academy is your competent partner, from the first consultation to support with room and open space planning, applications for public subsidies, permits and professional implementation. Through our extensive experience in the planning and development of day-care centres, together with our specialist educational advice, you benefit from a wealth of experience from the day-care experts.