Further training, participation & social support: benefits for our day-care employees

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Motivated, satisfied employees are an important element in fulfilling our mission statement “For a happy childhood”. We thus offer you attractive remuneration, a friendly working environment with room for development, regular further training, various opportunities to contribute and many additional benefits at the Wichtel Academy day-care centres.

Your benefits as part of the Wichtel team

Well-being factors

  • Possibility of accommodation in employee flat shares
  • Catering with fresh and healthy regional ingredients from our own canteen kitchen
  • Coverage of travel expenses of up to 200 euros per month
  • Attractive employee rates at Urban Sports

Completely looked after

  • Permanent employment contract on successful completion of the probationary period
  • Fair remuneration
  • Subsidy for capital-forming benefits
  • Work clothes (T-shirts)

Start of career and future

  • Participation in various further education courses and career opportunities
  • Attractive career opportunities
  • More preparation time for educational work as the management takes care of administrative tasks
  • Networking among employees at parties and events
  • “Employees recruit employees” programme

Careers and further education at the Wichtel Academy Munich

The Wichtel Academy stands for modern, demanding education at the forefront of developments. In order for us to further develop together and make sure our educational guidelines are up to date, we offer various further training courses and workshops for new and existing employees.

The aims of our further training programme: keeping all preschool teachers, childcare workers and vocational interns up to date in terms of education, refreshing what they have learned and enjoying developing together.

We offer our day-care centre employees a comprehensive further training calendar:

  • Regular workshops on various educational topics, which are aimed at our internal multipliers who pass the knowledge on to all employees internally
  • Qualified practical guide as a guideline for an optimum collaboration with preschool teachers in their probationary year and SPS interns
  • Management training for day-care centre managers and deputy managers to strengthen their management skills
  • Various opportunities to get involved and career opportunities through our 22 privately-operated day-care centre locations

Acquiring and passing on knowledge: our multipliers

A team of employees from various Wichtel Academy day-care centres regularly works together on our educational standards. These colleagues have taken on the task of continually building on the quality in our facilities. We call these employees “multipliers” because their most important task is to carry the results developed together into every single day-care centre. They thus ensure a smooth transfer of professional knowledge among the employees. The management appoints one multiplier for each location, who meets in a group at regular intervals.

Learning leadership: Leadership workshop and Young STAR Development

Alongside professional skills, we attach great importance to the leadership skills of our day-care centre employees who have a management role. With special further training courses, such as management training, leadership workshops and, last but not least, our Young STAR Development (YSD) programme, we facilitate targeted support for a management career within the company.

Wichtel Academy Munich as an employer – kind, caring, professional

With 22 day-care centre locations, we are the leading private provider of crèches and kindergartens in Munich. At the heart of our activities is our mission statement, “For a happy childhood”. We understand this guiding principle to mean the caring, professional pedagogical care, education and support of children and an educational partnership with parents.

Our child-oriented educational concept with bilingual education by English educators and our child-appropriate nutritional concept distinguish us here.