The major milestones of the Wichtel Akademie



In February 2010, Patrick Smague founded Wichtel Akademie München GmbH. The Wichtel Akademie started out with three daycare centers and 23 employees.

Ehemaliges Logo der Wichtel Akademie München GmbH


The Wichtel Akademie begins to grow

In February 2011 our new crèche opened at Biederstein in Schwabing near the English Garden. This was followed by our crèche in Harlaching an der Isar in November.


Bilingual education at the Wichtel Akademie

In May 2012 the Wichtel Akademie expanded its educational provision by introducing its bilingual concept. During the same year, three more crèches were opened in Obersendling, Neuhausen and Trudering.


Additional kindergarten places

In September, the Wichtel Akademie extended its childcare provision at the locations in Trudering, Laim, Sendling-Westpark, and added two Spanish groups to the daycare center in Fürstenried.


Wichtel and miniMUCs grow together

From 1 April 2015, Wichtel Akademie München GmbH took over the management of the four daycare centers operated by miniMUCs GmbH in Pasing, Hadern, Harlaching Mitte and Parkstadt Schwabing. The Wichtel family thus grew from 255 to 385 employees.


Expansion of the Wichtel Akademie’s bilingual provision

In July 2017, Wichtel Akademie acquired the crèche and kindergarten of GesKin GmbH.

In the autumn of 2017, the Wichtel Akademie opened a new location in the Nymphenburg district — which included a French group for the first time. The Wichtel Akademie currently operates 21 daycare centers throughout Munich.


Three new daycare centers expand the Wichtel network

In 2018 the Wichtel Akademie München GmbH opened two new day care centers at the locations Lehel and Hadern.

Near Vaterstetten it took over the children’s house Pusteblume of the Diakonie in Baldham in 2018. From 2019 the children and educational staff moved together to the new premises of the Wichtel Akademie at Fasanenhof, Spatzenweg 12, in Vaterstetten .


New crèche and kindergarten in Munich-Großhadern

In 2019 the Wichtel Akademie München GmbH opened a new day care center in Munich Großhadern.


The Wichtel Akadmie becomes part of the Babilou Family and Cornelia Möhrlen takes over the management

The Wichtel Akademie München GmbH became part of the Babilou Family Deutschland GmbH on 1 March 2020. Patrick Smague resigned from the Wichtel Akademie and handed over the management to Cornelia Möhrlen.


New daycare center in Munich's Westend

In spring 2021 we made two big moves: the newly built Westend location opened in the Tübingerstraße and the head office moved to Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 26. In summer we will open a further daycare center at our Westkreuz location with crèche and kindergarten groups.


New crèche and kindergarten in Nymphenburg-Schlosspark

In 2022 the Wichtel Akademie München GmbH opened a new day care center in Nymphenburg-Schlosspark.


Nadine Loidl takes over the management

July 2022, Nadine Loidl takes over the management of Wichtel Akademie München GmbH with Xavier Ouvrard, CEO of Babilou Family Group.