Wichtel Akademie Munich — warm, nurturing, professional

With 24 daycare centers, we are the leading provider of private crèches and kindergartens in Munich. At the heart of all our activities is our mission statement: “For a happy childhood”. For us, this motto means promoting the children’s development by means of nurturing and professional educational support and care, and also establishing strong educational and supportive partnerships with their parents.

We are characterised by our child-oriented pedagogical concept with bilingual education provided by English native educators at all of our child-care centers, as well as our child-friendly nutritional concept.

With experience, professionalism and passion, we support the individual development of each of our children at our crèches and kindergartens.

Security as a basic prerequisite

We care deeply about your child’s well-being. At our private crèches and kindergartens, our educators, childcare workers and professional trainees work together seamlessly in order to offer your child all the warmth of a second home and support you as trustworthy educational partners.

Work-life balance

As a trustworthy partner to parents and companies, the Wichtel Akademie Munich makes an important contribution towards reconciling the demands of work and family life. With our contemporary concept, we create the perfect framework for reconciling the needs of work and family life. This includes long opening hours (from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm) and all-year-round childcare, even during the school holidays.

Every child has individual characteristics and needs

At our crèches and kindergartens, we create places where children feel safe and secure and thus provide the basis for optimum infant development. Our excellent staff-to-child ratio enables us to offer an individual, child-oriented educational concept that prepares the children for the challenges they will face later in life.

Contemporary child-oriented education

Over 400 educational staff at our 24 daycare centers in Munich provide early-years education and childcare for over 1,500 children aged between six months and six years. The provision of regular training and continued professional development for our daycare center managers, educators, childcare workers and professional trainees is a high priority for us. In this way, we also support our Wichtel employees by ensuring that they can achieve their personal career goals.

Having satisfied and highly motivated employees is extremely important to us. Together, we make every effort each day to stay true to our guiding principle by ensuring that the children entrusted to us get to experience a happy childhood.