Bilingual education at our crèches and kindergartens

We offer a complete bilingual education at our daycare centers. All of our kindergarten groups include one educator with German and one with English at native-speaker level (the latter are referred to as “English educators”)*. Our facility in Nymphenburg also offers French groups, and there are Spanish groups at our daycare center in Fürstenried.

In our crèches, we offer bilingual education via an English educator who familiarises the crèche children with the sounds and tone of the foreign language. The language teaching at our kindergartens is based on the principle of immersion (one person, one language). Our English educators communicate with the children exclusively in their native language during all educational activities. Because our native educators simply speak consistently in their native language instead of teaching it directly, the children are immersed in the language in a natural way. Rather than aiming for the children to master the foreign language by the time they leave the kindergarten, our goal is to introduce them to its sounds and rhythms in a playful manner.

*Excluded are our locations which are funded by “Münchner Förderformel – MFF” (Großhadern, Hadern, Hadern-Süd, Sendling and Westkreuz) as well as Garching.