Nutritional concept at the crèches and kindergartens of the Wichtel Akademie

Children’s nutritional habits are significantly influenced during their early years. Communal meals are a fundamental part of the daily routine and thus the educational programme at the Wichtel Akademie Munich. We create a healthy and balanced diet that the children enjoy.

Ernährung Kinder

Lunch — freshly cooked using the “cook&chill” method

All our Wichtel pixies enjoy a freshly cooked lunch from our own kitchen, which provides food for all 16 of our day-care centres using the latest “cook&chill” method. The children’s food is prepared by our chefs using only seasonal and local ingredients. An optimum balance of vitamins, minerals and fibre is provided to ensure the children receive all the important nutrients in the course of the day. We completely avoid flavour enhancers, additives or artificial flavourings and use only small amounts of salt and sugar.

Here’s how cook&chill works:

  • After careful preparation, the lunch is immediately cooled down to 2 – 3°C and stored in special refrigerators so that the vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres are completely preserved.
  • In the evening, our drivers bring the meals to the respective establishment
  • The food is then heated up by our housekeeping staff the next day via a gentle steaming process.

Once completely cooked, the delicious and healthy lunch retains all its essential nutrients and replenishes the children’s energy levels.

Varied menu

Our menu features balanced, tasty dishes that replenish the children’s energy and is based on a mix of the children’s firm favourites and new culinary experiences.

Among the day-care centre’s community, children are often far more adventurous and willing to experiment than at home. Our menu therefore includes a wide variety of different dishes that allow them to experience new flavours. With this in mind, the individual foods (fish, meat, vegetables, rice, etc.) are each prepared separately, so that the children can try the foods individually at their own pace. The way the dishes are prepared also creates important learning opportunities for the children. For example, under the careful guidance of our educators, even our crèche children can learn how a fish fillet is prepared, and are therefore able to cope when they are served whole. Our menu rotates every six weeks and is based on seasonal produce. It is displayed on the parents’ information board so that you can always see what your child will be eating with us. For children with allergies, there is a separate, specially adapted menu, which can also be seen in the entrance area.


All Wichtel Akademie day-care centres are well-stocked with sugar-free drinks (tea, water). Each drinking bottle is labelled with the child’s name and/or photo and is kept within the children’s reach so that they can access them independently. Naturally, a member of staff provides drinks for our very young children.