The Wichtel kitchen – delicious, varied and healthy

Children’s nutritional habits are significantly influenced during their early years. Communal meals are a fundamental part of the daily routine and thus the educational programme at the Wichtel Akademie Munich. We create a healthy and balanced diet that the children enjoy.

Die Bild zeigt ein Kind beim Essen in der Kita
Die Bild zeigt ein Frühstück und dient zur Verdeutlichung des Themas „Gesunde Verpflegung in der Kita


Our children start their day with a healthy breakfast. There is a variety of hearty breads, homemade spreads made from fresh ingredients, with healthy fruits and vegetables, muesli & milk.

Die Bild zeigt ein Mittagessen und dient zur Verdeutlichung des Themas „Ernährungskonzept für unsere Kitas


Balanced and of course healthy and delicious. It is rich and varied too. Lunch at the Wichtel Akademie includes a main course with raw food components or a main course with dessert.

Die Bild zeigt eine Brotzeit und dient zur Verdeutlichung des Themas „Gesundes Kita-Essen


The snack in the afternoon replenishes the children’s energy stores. Dairy products, vegetables, fruit and various types of bread also alternate here.

The Wichtel Menu

At the Wichtel Akademie, children are often far more adventurous and willing to experiment than at home. Our menu therefore includes a wide variety of different dishes that allow them to experience new flavours.

The menu features balanced, tasty dishes that replenish the children’s energy. and is based on a mix of the children’s firm favourites and new culinary experiences.

We get vegetables, fruit and milk from regional providers such as the Amperhof.

Our meat comes from ecologically certified farms, such as the Munich Metzgerei “Siegner Land”.

For fish, we only use products that carry the MSC seal for sustainably caught wild fish.

How do we cook?

Die Bild zeigt einen Koch und verdeutlicht das Thema „Gesunde Ernährung in der Kita

We cook according to the Cook & Chill method to ensure that our food is fresh, tasty and contains the important nutrients on the children’s plate. In contrast to conventional delivery services, we specialise in bringing the food to the daycare centers chilled. This method not only ensures a high quality of the food, but it is also particularly hygienic due to the cool storage and direct transport.

This preserves important nutrients, vitamins and minerals are preserved. We also make sure that every meal contains fresh raw food components and herbs.

  • In the evening, our drivers bring the dishes to the respective daycare centers
  • The food is heated here the next day by the in-house staff in a gentle steam cooking process.

Here’s how Cook & Chill works:

  • After careful preparation, the lunch is immediately cooled down to 2 – 3°C and stored in special refrigerators so that the vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres are completely preserved.
  • In the evening, our drivers bring the dishes to the respective facility
  • The food is heated here the next day by the in-house staff in a gentle steam cooking process.


All Wichtel Akademie daycare centers are well-stocked with sugar-free drinks (tea, water). Each drinking bottle is labelled with the child’s name and/or photo and is kept within the children’s reach so that they can access them independently. Naturally, a member of staff provides drinks for our very young children.