Lateral career move into the day-care centre – become a career changer

We will be happy to help you make your lateral career move into the day-care centre. Become a lateral career changer as a professional with a special qualification in children’s day-care facilities. You can train as a specialist with the help of the Wichtel Academy. Here you can find all of the important information about prerequisites, further education qualifications and opportunities for promotion. We explain to you how it works and escort you throughout your lateral career move

The importance of education in childhood forms the foundation for a person’s successful life. Family-supporting and family-supplementing institutions such as day-care centres are gaining hugely in importance and responsibility. Your task when making a lateral career move into our day-care centre will be to support, educate and raise children. Qualified experts in various disciplines are required and helpful in day-care centres in order to fulfil the educational mandate. In collaboration with the bbw, the Wichtel Academy day-care centres have developed a dedicated further training course specifically for future employees.

Your lateral career move: prerequisites for participation

  • At least a general education school-leaving certificate
  • Over 25 years of age at the start of the further training
  • Completed vocational training in a state-recognised training profession/degree programme
  • Vocational qualification corresponding to at least one of the educational areas of the Bavarian Educational and Upbringing Plan (BayBEP).
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in the training profession
  • Confirmation of a job at a children’s day-care centre with at least 50% of the regular weekly working hours at the start of the further training is required
  • Applicants with a foreign background must demonstrate adequate language skills with a B2 certificate
  • Evidence of at least a 6-week internship in the field of childcare before the start of the further training or relevant professional experience

This list represents a selection of eligible vocational qualifications and is not complete/exhaustive. The decision regarding the ability to allocate a vocational qualification to an educational area of the BayBEP is made by the course provider. This is to be justified on request and can be withdrawn by the StMAS.

Value orientation and religiousness

  • Educators (Dipl., B.A., M.A.) and teachers who  do not fulfil the entry requirements for the certificate course “professional in children’s day-care facilities” (e.g. teachers for special schools, secondary schools, grammar schools)
  • Religious education teacher
  • Community assistant

Emotionality, social relationships and conflict

  • Psychologist (Dipl., B.A., M.A.)
  • Psychological psychotherapist

Language and literacy

  • Speech therapist
  • Speech language pathologist
  • Sign language interpreter
  • Breathing, speech and voice teacher

Information and communication technology, media

  • Media designer
  • Media assistant
  • Game designer
  • IT assistant

 Science, technology, environment and mathematics

  • Forest management expert
  • Agronomist
  • Expert gardener
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Physics teacher

Aesthetics, art and culture, music

  • Scene painter
  • Designer (graphics)
  • Ceramist
  • Specialist teacher for design and technology
  • Specialist teacher for handicrafts and domestic management
  • Specialist teacher in musical and technical subjects
  • Drama teacher
  • Culture teacher
  • Music teacher/therapist
  • Art teacher/therapist

Movement, rhythmics, dance and sport

  • Physical education teacher
  • Rhythmics teacher
  • Sports instructor


  • Healthcare practitioner and paediatric nurse
  • Teacher for special needs education
  • Assistant in health and social care
  • Rehabilitative and integrative pedagogy expert
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Physical therapist
  • State-recognised family carer
  • State-certified manager for nutrition and household management
  • State-certified technician for nutrition and supply management
  • State-certified business economist for nutrition and supply management
  • State-certified assistant for nutrition and supply
  • Expert in domestic management
  • Specialist teacher for nutrition and organisation
  • Dietician
  • Nutritional scientist

Content of the further training as a professional with a special qualification in children’s day-care facilities

The “further training as a professional with a special qualification in children’s day-care facilities” at the bbw is accompanied by practical days to deepen previously acquired educational skills and practice-related reflection. Further training takes place twice a week and practical days at the day-care centre four times a week.

Weiterbildung Quereinsteiger
  • Role of the specialist (FQK) and self-organisation
  • Legal principles
  • Introduction to education and principles of developmental psychology
  • Team development and collaboration in a multiprofessional team
  • Educational skills and interdisciplinary topics
  • Parental involvement, cooperation, quality development, public relations work
  • Professionalism and conduct
  • Supplementary units: Supervision, peer coaching, project days

Further training for lateral career changers
Scope and procedure

Within a selection procedure, suitable candidates for the qualification are chosen from the applicants for a lateral career move into the day-care centre. The qualification is undertaken in 15 months while working:

  • On-site training days
  • Online training
  • Accompanied practice in the day-care centre

During the further training, all of the participants work as educational assistants in day-care facilities (at least 50 % of the time). This enables an optimum connection to be made between the place of learning as a practical element and the theoretical further training units.

The costs are completely covered by the Wichtel Academy day-care centres.

Further training qualification
and certification

The further training qualification is completed with an oral examination, a research paper and a practical examination. During the 15-month further training, the participants can be included in the staffing ratio as assistants. The certificate “professional with a special qualification in children’s day-care facilities”, which is undersigned by the bbw and StMAS, demonstrates the vocational qualification and the selected area of education. “A certified professional with a special qualification” can be authorised as a specialist after receiving the certificate according to section 16(6) of the Children’s Education Ordinance (AV BayKiBiG). Working as what is known as a lateral career changer in the day-care centre takes place exclusively with the approval of the supervisory authority.

Career opportunities

After 5 years of probation, proof of a commitment to further education and confirmation from the provider that the applicant shows special professional competence, the certified “professional with a special qualification in children’s day-care facilities” can be employed as an “educational specialist in children’s day-care facilities”.

Do you still have any questions about making a lateral career move into a day-care centre? Then feel free to get in contact with us. We look forward to your interest!

Tatiana will help you with all of the information relating to your lateral career move

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